Gatherings for Good

Gatherings for Good

Pera Soho invites you and friends to party for a cause and have 10% of your bar tab be donated to charity.

It is very easy to support a cause dear to you. Either:

a) Plan a get together at Pera Soho and designate your favorite charity to receive 10% of the proceeds from your event.


b) Put us directly in touch with a non-profit you are actively involved with and we can plan a more official event. In addition to the 10% from Pera Soho, this will allow for on-site donations at time of event, mention and donation link on our socialĀ media leading up to the event, and a return guest initiative whereby event attendees returning to Pera Soho within 30 days will also have 10% of their tab donated by Pera Soho to the selected charity.

Any day of the week, any time of the day, as simple as that.

For more information or to organize a Gatherings For Good event in support of a non-profit cause please emailĀ