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Pera Soho is a transportative Mediterranean retreat in the heart of Soho. Inspired by the renowned Istanbul neighborhood where cuisine, art, culture, nightlife and the cosmopolitan converge, Pera Soho seduces with an environment that is simultaneously warm and vibrant. Take a journey through mouthwatering, re-imagined, shareable plates, or let our kitchen delight your taste buds with a tightly curated selection of composed mezes and main courses.

Pera Soho’s culinary philosophy is to look beyond the current day geographical borders of the Eastern Mediterranean and instead appreciate their culinary and cultural richness as a whole. In addition to the contemporary presentation of authentic recipes, Pera Soho’s cuisine also embellishes the use of Eastern Mediterranean ingredients and cooking methods to create its own signature dishes.  Pera Soho believes that straight forward recipes using fresh, high quality ingredients, coupled with caring and consistent execution is what it takes to achieve the flavors that our guests will cherish and keep coming back for.

In addition to being one of the few restaurants successfully marrying Eastern Mediterranean flavors with New York City dining habits and expectations, Pera Soho has a unique configuration comprised of indoor open dining and private dining areas, outdoor garden open dining and private outdoor dining areas, as well as a heated Winter Terrace to ensure our guests can enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather.

Pera Mediterranean Brasserie in Midtown is Pera Soho’s elegant and ethereal older sister, whereas Pera Soho is the adventurous, bubbly, younger sister.  In a city like New York, where each neighborhood has its own distinct character and expectations, they each blend in with their respective locations.  Aside from the dishes, beverages and wines that share the same philosophy, but are unique to each location, what really differentiates the locations is the clientele’s reasons for being there.  In Midtown it is usually about business, whereas in Soho it is always a celebration, however simple or sophisticated, and however small or large it may be.

At Pera Soho the din of the city dissolves into the warmth, comfort and conviviality that is the hallmark of the Mediterranean.

Indulge in the cuisine and the joyous reverence for the outdoors that is the hallmark of the Mediterranean experience.

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